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Sponsorship Program

Welcome to the introduction of the Be Cool Bikes Leadership Program. We are all about having fun and just hanging out with the rest of the Be Cool Bikes members. We want you to experience the “Ride Into Lifestyle” which we are building for all our members!

If all you’re looking to do is be a part of Be Cool Bikes and all we have to offer, you’ve joined the best bicycle organization ever developed. Enjoying the bike lifestyle we are creating is plenty of fun for all our members to enjoy! However, we also want to add a benefit and the chance to being part of helping you achieve success in many areas of the bicycle industry. You will have a choice to become part of the Be Cool Bikes Adventure Team with our Leadership Challenge. This program is designed to allow our members to get involved even more into the Be Cool Bikes organization. We will train you to become leaders and enhance the experience for all our members.

Check out the Be Cool Bikes Leadership Program levels of success and what it may bring to you with becoming a leader in such an amazing organization. We offer our mentors, trainers, coaches and team leaders a whole new level of biking leadership experience. Coaches and Leaders are the backbone and foundation of a brand that will grow Be Cool Bikes nationally and internationally. You can grow to any level of choice you wish to obtain. Your in control of how much you want to grow each year to achieve the ultimate level of “Team Leader”. Not only will you become a great leader but you will be rewarded for your hard work

1. Be Cool Bikes Member = First year
    By joining the Be Cool Bikes organization you’re automatically considered a “Member” Being a member is the start of your growth within the organization and the beginning stages of becoming a true leader on our team.  During this first year you’ll have the time to decide if being a part of your leadership program is for you. This is a decision you can only make after becoming part of the Be Cool bikes organization. There is in no way any stress or pressure in having our members become part of our leadership team. Whatever you decide for yourself will be respected by all of us.

      2. Cruiser Member = Second Year
        The second year is all about training and education in the bike industry. This important step is how we will cultivate leaders, trainers and coaches. From learning everything from mechanical function of bikes to bike performance, your training will end up being invaluable to yourself. You will also add value to everyone involved in the Be Cool Bikes Organization.

          • Your new Membership ID Card will have the title of “Cruiser” under your name.
          • You will be assigned a coach that will help you in your second year to reach your goals and levels of success you’re looking for.

          3. Team Rider = Third year
          This is the first actual step in your leadership role. This is the first level of becoming a “Go Too” person for anything our members are looking to find.


          • Your new apparel will have “Team Leader” embroidered along with your name.
          • This is where you’ll actually be working with the newest members and taking them thorough the steps of success within the organization.
          • This is the first step of responsibility and this is where the new members will be looking to you for support, help and leadership.
          • Your new membership ID Card will have the title of “Team Leader” under your name.

          4. Coach = Forth year (must be 21 years of age or older)
          Becoming a Be Cool Bikes Coach is a huge accomplishment. By this time, you have paid the price of success and your participation has proven to be a tremendous asset to our organization. By becoming a coach, it will be your duty to promote the organization, promote growth and lead by example.


          • You’re now at a respectful level of achievement that earns you the right to teach, train, support our members with everything they need.
          • Your new membership ID Card will have the title of “Coach” under your name.
          • You’ll be given an all new line “Team Leader” apparel.
          • Annual membership will be cut to $30 and will stay there for the remainder of your membership or until you become a “Team Leader”
          • Awarded a Certificate of Achievement for your participation at our annual awards ceremony.
          • Attend awards ceremony's with Coaches at a private Coaches Table

          5. Team Leader = Fifth year (must be 21 years of age or older)

          This is the top level of Be Cool Bikes! You’re now part of the leadership board with several more benefits and opportunities. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment.


          • Annual membership will be dropped to $20per year and stay that way for life.
          • You’ll be given an all new line “Team Leader” apparel.
          • Awarded a beautiful plaque of achievement at our annual awards ceremony.
          • You’ll be part of our monthly leadership meetings of growth and planning.
          • Your new membership ID Card will have the title of “Team Leader” under your name.
          • You will receive your own business cards with phone number, email and other contact information.
          • You will sit at the leadership table with the rest of the leaders during the annual awards ceremony.

          Everything you need to purchase within the organization with be “At Our Cost”
          You will become a speaking leader at most of our functions and events.

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