E-Bike Rules

E-Bike Rules and Qualifications:

An electric bike or, e-bike is considered to be an electrically assisted peddle bike. This bike has a hub motor and can have up to four types of riding modes:

  1. Normal peddling no electricity
  2. Peddle assist
  3. Throttle alone
  4. Throttle and peddle assist

The electric bike can use these four functions as individual or a combination of all four electrically assisted modes.

Our e-bikes must have the following components to be part of our rides and event:

  1. Must be built safe and secure
  2. Must have front and rear safety lights
  3. Tires must have good tread and correct air pressure
  4. All e-bikes must have a good locking devise

Rules of riding in our events and e-bike rides

  1. Be Cool Bikes is not responsible for any accidents or injuries on our event rides
  2. Be Cool Bikes is not responsible for any theft of bikes or personal belongings
  3. We do “encourage” our members to purchase and wear our Be Cool Bikes Apparel but it is not mandatory.
  4. All Be Cool Bikes must have your BCB Membership Card with you at all events and rides
  5. All Be Cool Bikes members must show you’re ID and membership card at all our participating sponsors in order to receive any and all discounts
  6. You cannot pass your BCB membership ID card to any “Non Member” for any reason what so ever!
  7. We highly recommend that you have insurance on you and your e-bike
  8. You must obey the bike riding laws and e-bike laws at all times
  9. You must obey the speed limits for all bike paths and bike trails
  10. You just have a front headlight and rear tale lights
  11. Your bike brakes, gears and parts must be in good working order on our rides and during our events.
  12. No foul language
  13. No arguing or fighting
  14. No drugs or drug use
  15. No reckless bike riding will be tolerated
  16. Your membership is considered an at once membership and can be cancelled by either party at any time.
  17. There is no prejudice, racism or bulling allowed
  18. No politics or political issues or political views
  19. Your membership can and will be revoked for any unlawful acts or misconduct
  20. This is a no money back membership

These rules and guidelines are in place for a reason and to ensure that all members are treated fairly. We want to have a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

The Be Cool Bikes organization is a “for profit company” We are a North American company and we respect the United States of America, the laws of the United States of America, and we respect the Police and the laws of the road as it pertains to our bikes and the way we ride them lawfully. Furthermore, we respect all our members as part of our Be Cool Bikes Family.

All members will respect the decisions made by the leadership team and “at times” we will do membership voting on:

  1. Some topics
  2. Some events
  3. Some business issues
  4. And some programs
Remember, this is about our bikes and the lifestyle we love owning them and riding them.