The electrified biking experience!

cool bikes

Be Cool Bikes is all about the e-bike ride, living the e-bicycle lifestyle with the freedom that riding a bike can bring. Be Cool Bikes encourages, energizes and connects people into the amazing world of the electric bike lifestyle. We are a recreational and social membership organization for people of all ages and physical levels. Our idea is to show everyone what it means to be an e-bike and bike riding enthusiast. While many of today's bicycle clubs offer biking activities and events, we, at Be Cool Bikes, offer the lifestyle everyone can be a part of. No matter what e-bike you ride or have, we want you to join us in all our e-biking endeavors and events.

Be Cool Bikes has become committed to developing the lifestyle of the electric bike and cultivating a positive way of life to live. We are more than just another bike club, bike shop or bicycle repair facility. We are truly the lifestyle and bicycling enthusiast, that will enhance your life forever with so many other like-minded e-bike owners. So, get your charge on, get unplugged and get ready for an electrifying experience. Mel Craig, Be Cool Bikes President

Leadership & Management

Mel Craig: Founder –  mel@becoolbikes.com 
David Ecat: Director – david@becoolbikes.com 
Jonathan Rodriquez: Event Coordinator - jd@becoolbikes.com
Suzan Savoia: Graphics & Web Design– suzansdesigns@gmail.com
Treasurer and accounting: Alexandra Galindo - alexandra@becoolbikes.com